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At the law offices of David Groner, P.L.C., you receive direct and exclusive representation. With more than 38 years of experience in law, with a specialization in personal injury, our law office, in New Iberia, Louisiana, is committed to providing you with competent, professional legal representation. In addition to personal injury, we have teamed up with Standard Title, L.L.C. to provide the best real estate closing services in the area. We help real estate agents solve problems that may delay or prevent a deal from closing.


Located in historic downtown New Iberia, our office complex is a reflection of the commitment we have to our clients. We are dedicated to providing the very best in legal services, while maintaining the most professional support staff and facilities.

Legal Services

Auto Accident


Personal Injury


Complex Commercial


Non-Litigation Service


We NEVER represent insurance companies. Therefore, all of our efforts and expertise is in getting clients a full recovery through the legal process on any type of personal injury or damage claim in which an insurance company or corporation is responsible. We are the only law firm in this area that solely represents injured victims and not insurance companies, therefore, we never have a conflict of interest in who we dedicate our efforts to protect the client. As David Groner has over 38 years of trial experience and has won some of the highest jury awards for injured clients in this area, insurance companies are more willing to discuss a reasonable settlement in most cases rather than face the prospects of going to trial. Every case is different and has its own set of facts, but in most cases a reasonable settlement is obtained without a trial, even though the law firm is always ready and prepared to take the case to trial.

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David Groner is a life-long resident of Iberia Parish, Louisiana. He has been an active member of the Iberia, Lafayette and State Bar Associations for over 38 years along with memberships and associations with many professional, local civic, and charitable groups. He was previously Chairman of the Board of Commissioners for Iberia Medical Center, a public hospital that employs over 750 employees and has a medical staff of over 100 doctors, and is currently a Trustee for the Louisiana Public Facilities Authority.

Professional Staff

Our law office employs the most highly trained staff in the area and works with the top legal and professional experts in the United States. We employ top investigators, doctors, economists, vocational experts and many others in order to achieve maximum recovery for our clients. Together we offer the client with all services necessary to resolve your case in a timely fashion and we aggressively seek full recovery.



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